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Kamikochi Visitor Center

Proceed on the left bank of Azusa-gawa River from Kappa-bashi Bridge, cross the bridge over Shimizu-gawa River, and visitors will spot the "Kamikochi Visitor Center". We provide information to help visitors understand nature in Kamikochi as well as necessary tips on how to engage nature, through displays about Kamikochi's nature, guided walks, related films/lectures, and so on.

Facility Information

Open period:
Late April through November 15 (Open every day during this period)
* Closed in winter
8:00 ~ 17:00

Admission Free

4468 Kamikochi, Azumi, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-1516 Japan
* Closed in winter TEL: 0263-94-2537
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Services at the Kamikochi Visitor Center

- Guide Services for a Variety of Experiences
The staff will introduce the beauty of the four seasons as well as the wildlife of Kamikochi.
- Information
We provide the information necessary to experience Kamikochi.
- Guided Walks
Guided walks for nature observation are held every day. (For a fee)
Experience Kamikochi by walking around Myojin-ike Pond, Taisho-ike Pond, and Konashi-daira.
The time and course change depending on the day. Please refer to our “Event Calendar” for details.
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Floor Guide

- Guide Counter
We are available to provide information such as the must-see spots for each season, weather conditions, and any advisories.
- Library
Tablets can be used to freely view a variety of content such as the newest event info, illustrated books of wildlife in Kamikochi, the history of Kamikochi, and walking course guides. Books about Kamikochi and the Northern Japan Alps are also available.
- Lecture Hall
Films of Kamikochi, which capture its various aspects, are shown.
- Displays
With “Mountain Spirit” as its theme, collaborative displays of photographs and letters of writers as well as travelers are presented.
- Multi-purpose Room
This room is available for various purposes such as infant nursing.
- Museum Shop
This room is available for various purposes such as infant nursing.
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