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In Kamikochi, traffic restrictions are in place for private cars all year around as well as for sightseeing buses during the peak season.

Private car
Tourist Buses

*Tourist buses parking in Kamikochi is restricted. Please transfer to a shuttle bus at Sawando or Hirayu.

Buses(a disability discount available)
Route One way Round Trip
Sawando~Kamikochi 1,300yen 2,400yen
Hirayu~Kamikochi 1,180yen 2,090yen
Parking Sawando(1day)
Regular 700yen
Motorcycle 350yen
Microbus 1,400yen
Large 2,800yen
Parking Hirayu(1day)
Regular 600yen
Motorcycle 300yen
Microbus 1,200yen
Large 2,400yen
Taxi(a disability discount available)
Route One way (Fixed rate)
Sawando~Kamikochi 4,600yen
Sawando~Taisho-ike pond 3,900yen
Hirayu~Kamikochi 5,000yen
Hirayu~Imperial Hotel 4,500yen
Hirayu~Taisho-ike pond 4,000yen

*An additional tunnel charge is required for Abo Tunnel between Hirayu~Kamikochi/ Imperial Hotel/ Taisho-ike pond.

Bus Alpico Kotsu Tel.0263-92-2511
   Nohi Noriai Jidosha Tel.0577-32-1160 
TAXI Kamikochi Taxi Management Committee
    Kamikochi Center Tel.0263-95-2350
    Swando Center Tel.0263-93-3336