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  • Rules in Kamikochi
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Rules in Kamikochi

Kamikochi is designated as a national park as well as one of special places of scenic beauty and special natural monuments in Japan. In order to conserve this outstanding natural landscape, please remember to keep in mind the "Kamikochi 5 Rules".

Kamikochi 5 Rules

  • No collecting
    Please do not collect plants or living creatures, including insects.
  • No feeding
    Please do not feed the wild animals.
  • No bringing in
    Please do not bring pets or alien species.
  • No littering
    Please take all your litter with you.
  • No stepping into
    Please stay on the path.

+2 Rules

  • No bicycle riding
    Please do not ride a bicycle on trail.
  • No drone flying
    Unmanned Aircraft (drone) use is prohibited in National Park.